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Big boss 12
Big Boss 12

Amunan is used for us to add ghee to the fire during that time when someone else complicates rather than solving the fight of two people. We are sharing this talk with you because, for the past two weeks, you are watching the twelfth season of Big Boss with great interest and tell you that the makers of this show will soon be implementing this proverb. Is supposed to be

In fact, in the last few days, you saw how a 4-5 day old thing was raised in the house, and this is why Sreesanth and Karanveer Bohra Deepak Thakur face each other. If you did not understand why this fight happened, then tell you that Surbhi Rana who took entry through wild card at home this week filled the ear of Deepak and inflicted him against Sreesanth. Seeing the opportunity, the Deepak split like a bomb, and with Karanveer, I became yours.

Seeing all this, on the other side, standing on the side of the beach was a very beautiful feeling. Well, let me tell you that now it is heard that the fire started by the sunbird will soon make the makers ghee.

Many media reports are claiming that the makers can soon send one of Sreesanth and Karanveer to the Secret Room. It is also heard that there will be no Elimination in this week. It is being speculated that due to injury in the heel, there is a possibility of sending Sreesanth to the Secret Room, because of this, he is unable to complete any task because of this.

Well, if Sreesanth is actually sent to the Secret Room, then there will arise such a storm in the house in the coming days, which can see the trends of the other participants tremble. Also, it is being expected that after going to the Secret Room, Sreesanth will be able to understand the game well and in the coming days, the audience will be able to do the right way.

On the other hand, if Karanvir Bohra becomes a Secret instead of Sreesanth, then the matter is going to get hot because when it comes to debating someone, Karanveer gives a smashing reply to the person in front.

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