Three Apps Which Can Find Your Lost Phone

Key Features

1. Avast Mobile Security 2018
2. Lookout Security and Antivirus
3. Google Find My Phone

Today we are going to tell you about four such apps that will help you locate the stolen phone. Apart from this, these apps are also used to tell you a thief. You can download these apps for free at the Google Play Store. But here it is important to note that these apps will work only when you have installed them on your smartphone before the phone is stolen. So, know about the names and features of these apps.

1.Avast Mobile Security 2018-

The app has downloaded 10 million users to Google Play Store. The app has received 4.5 stars on the Google Play Store, which has been rated by more than 52 million users. Its size is 27MB. It also provides anti-theft service with virus scanning, protection, backup options, power saving. With this app you can lock your phone from anywhere. At the same time activating the given Stealth Mode, the thief will not know that your phone has Avast Security installed. The app gives you notifications of sim card changes from the time the phone is locked. However, for its features, you have to take a premium pack. This app supports iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

2.Lookout Security & Antivirus-

The app has downloaded 10 million users to Google Play Store. It got 4.4 star on the Play Store. More than 9 million users have rated the app. Its size is 13 MB. It provides you with malware protection, security and tracking. Through this app you can locate the last location before your phone’s battery is over. Apart from this, you can make a backup of your phone’s data by removing it so that your data is kept safe even after the phone is stolen. The app brings you photos of the thief and mails it to you. Also gives you information about the last location. This app also gets you on a 2 week trial. After this you have to pay 3 dollars a month for its features.

3.Find My Device-

The size of this app is 3.2 MB, which is 10 million users downloaded on the Google Play Store. The app got 4.3 stars on the Play Store. More than 5 million users rated it. This app works only on phones with operating system of KitKat or above. Apart from this, the app works only when you have signed in to your device with a Google Account and the location of the phone is enablished. Through this app, you can locate the location of your phone with the help of location history. Apart from this, you can also find information about Connected WiFi Access Point for the last time. The app also informs you how much battery is left in the phone.

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