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 Enable Screen Lock Feature in WhatsApp Easy Steps

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has recently made its security feature even more disturbed. Since last year, WhatsApp has made changes or improvised many features. Apart from this, many new features have also been rolled out.

WhatsApp has recently rolled out the screen lock feature. Through this feature, Face ID / Touch ID will allow you to lock or unlock your app. This feature of WhatsApp is currently rollout for iOS users. This feature has not rolled out to Android users. However, this feature can be rolled out to this feature for Android users soon.

This Face ID / Touch ID feature of WhatsApp was in discussions for a long time. This feature will work just like the smartphone’s App Locker. With this feature you can lock your Whatsapp chat so that nobody else can read and keep your privacy. This latest feature of WhatsApp works on the operating system of iOS 9 or above. Let’s know how to activate this feature.

Follow The Steps:

  • Firstly open your WhatsApp app.

  • Now go to Settings option.

  • After this you will see many options. Tap on the account from these.

  • Select Privacy as soon as you tap on the account.

  • After this you will see several options again. Tap on the security of these.

  • Next, select the screen lock.

  • Here you will find the option to turn on Face ID / Touch ID. You can choose any one of these two biometric options. After that you have to select time interval. You can choose between 1 minute to 15 minutes or 1 hour.

After this, you can activate this feature by press OK or Done. Now whenever you open WhatsApp, you have to enter the biometric details.

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