Samsung Galaxy Note 9 full Review & Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s name has been in premium and big smartphones. One challenge for Samsung has also been that the phones are sometimes not pocket-friendly in the affair of making big smartphones. This is also the case with the Samsung Galaxy Series.SamsungGalaxy Note 9 does not have special changes in hardware and software from the Galaxy S series. So what’s new in it? In this S Pen can be called new. The company is working on the usefulness of the S Pen. Is there anything more special in the phone besides? In the life story:

Design and Display:

While in the trend of the Notch screen, Samsung is one of the select companies that kept Notch away from the design of their phones. However, the design of the phone is sleek but there is nothing like cutting edge in it. Galaxy Note 9 is a great phone and after the company’s efforts, the phone has not been able to become a handsi. It does not have a glass back slippery. The weight of the phone is 201g.

It has a front and rear glass and the frame is aluminum. The look of the phone is premium and it seems that its design has been worked comfortably. In the case of design, the Minus Point is that this is nothing special from Note 8. Note 9 has a larger screen size of Note 9 than 6.3 inches. Its screen size is 6.4 inches. Samsung’s own AMOLED display has been working well for flagship phones for many years. The display of this phone is also bright and crisp.

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The Galaxy Note Series is the hallmark or USP S Pen. With Galaxy Note 9, this style statement is now being built. We have a blue color device for review, with a yellow color pen with a gold cap. Similarly, S-Matching Match with the device of another color has been given. Apart from this, the big change in the phone is its fingerprint sensor which is now given just below the camera. Reaching the fingerprint scanner becomes a bit difficult. Apart from this, by pressing the Bixby button instead of the volume button you will accidentally press the Bixby button.

Many people will also be happy that Samsung has not removed the 3.5mm socket. Samsung has made sense by not following trend like Notch and Headphone Jack, and in this case it can be called Plus Point. The IP68 rating for Water and Dust Resistance has been given in Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 Hardware and Software:

Samsung has given Exynos 9810 also in Note 9 while doing something new. This means that this phone does not have to look or tell something new in terms of hardware. Nevertheless the Exynos 9810 is a Powerful SoC. But we have also noticed that this year’s number of devices coming with Snapdragon 845, along with the Galaxy S9, have topped the benchmark.

The resolution of the Galaxy Note 9’s Super AMOLED screen is 1440×2960. It has a density of 516ppi. Users can also reduce the resolution for power saving. When Samsung’s phone is on standby mode, notifications and timings icons are visible.

This phone can be selected in two variants. Its base variant comes with 128GB of storage and 6GB RAM. Apart from this, there is a choice of 512GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. In India, the Hybrid Dual SIM design has been given in Galaxy Note 9. If you do not put a second SIM, then the MicroSD card can be used for storage. With 512GB MicroSD card of Samsung, you can get up to 1TB of space. On top of the screen is the Iris scanner, which provides better biometric authentication than foam recognition. You can also use the Samsung’s Intelligent Scan option, which uses both iris and face recognition. Our review unit is working on Android Orao 8.1. Samsung has not yet clarified when the device will receive Android Pie updates.

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Galaxy Note 9 The biggest change in S Pen is that it now supports Bluetooth LE connectivity. This way the pen is transformed into the remote control of the phone. There is only one button available in it, you can single or double click. Its best feature is that with the help of Pen now you can take pictures. You can also switch to Front and Rear Camera from Pen itself. With this, you can also use Pen to push the slides forward and backward in the Powerpoint presentation.

The S Pen battery is very low and on continuous use it can be discharged in just half an hour. However, it takes only 40 seconds to charge it. A good thing about Bluetooth connectivity is that if you leave Pen somewhere then you will know. With the help of Pen, you can easily write as handwriting very easily. You can use it to make notes from creating notes. You can also convert your text right into GIF too.

Galaxy Note 9 Performance:

The Samsung UI experience is very good and runs very smooth. Due to the screen size, it is a good device to watch videos and play games. Its stereo speakers are also loud and powerful. According to the company, the water-carbon cooling system has been used to reduce the heat in the phone. While watching games and watching videos, the phone is slightly heat but does not feel uncomfortable. Its Android beta on PUBG and Fortnite (Galaxy Note 9’s launch event) Version was officially released) We both played games on high quality and its gameplay was completely smoothed.

Galaxy Note 9 Battery:

The weight of the phone is also largely due to its 4000 mAh battery. According to Samsung, the battery will work for one day. Along with this, both options for wireless and quick charging have been given. After watching gaming and HD videos with average usage, the phone goes on all days.

Galaxy Note 9 Camera:

Galaxy Note 9’s camera details are the same as Galaxy S9 Plus. Variable aperture is available in the rear primary camera of the phone. The idea behind it was that switching to f / 2.4 and f / 1.5 could enter more light in the camera without opening the shutter. It can be used manually by going into pro mode. Its secondary camera has a 2x zoom lens and 12MP sensor. Samsung did so to shoot portrait mode from both sensors. Samsung has also given an AI mode in the camera, which detects the object in the picture. But we did not feel any major difference between the AI ​​and the pictures taken without her. There are also AR emoji and Bixby in Samsung, which is one-on-one. The camera quality of this phone is good and even if zoomed, the quality of photo is not bad. There can be 4K 30fps video recording of up to 10 minutes. Super slow motion is also available in it. In Super Slow Motion, the recording shoots at 720p at 960fps. Its 8MP front camera comes with f / 1.7 aperture and autofocus feature.

Our decision:

Galaxy Note 9 is a great phone and top-end features are also available. If you can afford so much then this phone is definitely a good option. However, Samsung’s S series and there is no special difference in it. Its bigger battery is also one of its big plus points. But the new ones such as OnePlus 6 / 6T, Aasus Genfone 5Z, are offering nearly comparative features and performance. There is a lack of such features just like S Pen and big batteries. This phone belongs to the work of power users who want to do or do many tasks on the phone itself.

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