Must Do These Before selling or exchanging Your smartphone

Must Do These Before selling or exchanging Your smartphone

Recently, bank fraud, online hacking incidents are increasing. Handle or sell your important information with the help of special software from the old phone that you can cancel or sell is now a very easy task for hackers or fraudsters. When we sell or exchange our smartphones, usually by resetting the factory’s factory, I think that all important information including bank account, social media account, which was saved on the phone was deleted from the phone. But not at all! Because, due to the factory’s fact-finding and deleted data, the fraudsters can easily get their software generated using their own software at any time. Then the way! There are special software, which allows the information on the phone to be permanently deleted. 
Currently, any individual has a document of all important personal information in the smartphone. Information is also used in many app phones. So it is recommended that all data be erased before the phone can be canceled or by special data user resolution before exchanging. And in this case smartphone users will be helping a data eraser software, named BitRaser. Using this software, users can permanently delete all the information from the smartphone. Many people will benefit greatly by using this software. Bank fraud can be avoided, risk of online hacking. Not only smartphones, this software allows you to permanently delete all data from desktop, laptop, and any external storage device using this bitrate software. It has been known that almost 2 million people have already used this software. Batteryzer’s station pack is capable of permanently deleting all data from 50 devices, costing 21,000 taka.

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