More than 70 million email IDs Got Hacked, Are You Too? Check Like This

In the year 2018 cases of many data leaks have surfaced. In view of this, users were not able to fully emerge from these cases that in the beginning of 2019 another data leak case has come up.

 Researcher Troy Hunt has found in his research that 773 million email IDs and 21 million passwords are leaked. This is given by Hunt as Collection 1. There is a leaked email ID and a collection of passwords. This information is given by Troy Hunt on its Web site at

Troy Hunt reported that some people asked for information about these data from them. They redirected those people to these files. However, this data has been removed. This collection includes 12,000 files which are 87 GB in size. Troy Hunt said that his own data was in this collection.

Have the pwned website made by Troy Hunt. Hunt has pointed out that users who follow two-factor authentication for their e-mail and whose passwords are strong all users are safe. Let us know that through this website, users will know that their e-mail has ever been hacked or not.

Follow The Bellow Method To Check:

  • For this, users will have to go to this link.
  • After this, they have to enter their e-mail ID in the space given below.
  • If you have good news – no pwnage found! Your mail ID has not been hacked.
  • Right there, oh no! Pwned message comes in Red Color, it means your e-mail address has been hacked.

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