Jupiter’s big red spot is water signals: NASA

Jupiter’s big red spot is water signals: NASA

NASA scientists believe that there are nine times more oxygen than the Sun in Jupiter. Jupiter’s big red spot has actually been on this planet for over 400 years. And the size of this red spot is twice that of our world, it’s 430km / h (270mph). NASA scientists have seen this storm now. And it has emerged as a new observation – they talk about water on this planet.
Research has said that the combination of water and oxygen can be used in different gases. It has carbon monoxite and oxygen here is nine times higher than the sun. This is said in an astronomical journal.
 Gordon L Bjoraker from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center reported that “it has been found that it is not so much that it can block our abilities. Data collected from NASA has revealed that it is near this huge planet and it can be so deep that it could not be seen before.
At different times a theorem from various data is recognized everywhere that the Jupiter is the sun’s indental and it is a giant hydrogen ball that has a little bit of heelium. This planet is more than ten times heavier than ours.

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