How to make an account at IRCTC – Easy steps to book tickets

To avoid the long queues of the Railway Reservation Counter, people now get tickets online or book a ticket from a travel agent or agency. After booking tickets to travel agents, you have to pay additional money in addition to ticket rent as commission. If you want to avoid paying more money to long queues and agents of the Railway Reservation Counter in today’s digital era, then you have to make an account on IRCTC, the official ticket booking platform of Indian Railways. On the account of IRCTC, you can book tickets on your smartphone or personal computer in a pinch. Today, we are going to tell you about creating an account on IRCTC website and booking tickets.

  • How to create an IRCTC account?

To create an account for IRCTC, you must have a mobile number, an e-mail id and a Aadhar card. The need for Aadhaar card is because because of the IRCTC ID, if you link the Aadhar card, you will be able to book 12 tickets in a month.

To create an account on IRCTC, you have to keep a unique username. Username should be at least 4 characters and more than 10 characters. After this you choose a security question and save the answer. If the account is locked due to the security question then you will be able to unlock your IRCTC account by answering this question.

  • Name and other personal information

After choosing your username, you will have to fill your personal information, such as your full name, address, gender, marital status, occupation and date of birth. After this you enter your e-mail id and mobile number. Keep in mind that this email ID is active and not already registered with IRCTC. After that set your password accordingly.

  • Enter complete address

When creating an account of IRCTC, you must enter your full address with the PIN code. That’s because if you ever want to book an e-ticket instead of e-ticket, then the ticket booked at your address can be found.

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