Find Out The Original And Fake Charger of iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Oneplus

Find Out  The Original And Fake Charger of iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Oneplus

Do you know that a fake charger can spoil your phone? Yes, if you are using a fake charger, its direct effect will be on your smartphone’s battery. So today we will tell you how you can find out the difference between the real and fake charger of iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Oneplus.

If you are going to buy an iPhone charger then carefully observe the Apple logo on this charger. In the simulated charger you will see the logo of the bigger, bigger, short, crooked, or darker color. Also, while purchasing a charger, please note that it has ‘Designed by Apple in California’ or not. On the real charger you will see this typed.


If you are going to buy Samsung’s charger then read the full specification of that charger. If you see both A + and Made in China on the phone’s charger, then do not buy that charger at all. This charger is actually a fake charger.


At the same time, measure the length of its cable to detect real and fake in Shiaomi’s charger. If the length of wire of the charger is more than 120 centimeters, then this means it is fake. In addition, if the charger’s adapter is looking much larger, it also means that it is fake.


On charger charger you will get printed barcode. Match the specification of the barcode to the specification of the adapter. If both specifications show you differently, it means that your charger is fake.


If you are buying the OnePlus Dash Charger, then you will see a flash charging logo. If that does not happen, then that means your charger is fake.

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