Do you know that stealing an Android smartphone is easier than the iPhone

Do you know that stealing an Android smartphone is easier than the iPhone? Now you must be wondering what this question is, any phone can be stolen, so how is it easy or difficult to steal any phone? Your question is fine, but the answer is slightly different. In fact, according to a recent report, it is easier to steal an Android smartphone than to steal the iPhone instead of stealing it.
stealing an Android smartphone is easier than the iPhone

At present, many anti viruses and services claim that users can find their stolen phone by using them. Apart from this, in many services, it is even claimed that users can trace the thief, but the question is whether it is really easy.

Thieves do first after stealing?

The phone has been stolen or you have forgotten it, its first guess is that the phone is switched off. In fact, the thief first switches off after the theft of the phone, so that your phone is not able to trace you or the police.

The police give such a dodge

After theft of the smartphone, its first international equipment identification (IMEI) number is changed. With this, the police or many services can not locate the location of your phone.

How is the IMEI number changed?

Smartphone’s IMEI number can be changed with the help of software. Apart from this, there are several ways to change it. Actually many softwares are available in the market, which can change the smartphone’s IMEI number through paid service.

So Hard iPhone

Now come back to talk about why stealing the iPhone is more difficult than the Android smartphone. So the answer is also the IMEI number. Actually replacing the iPhone’s IMEI with a software or other tool is almost impossible. Expert people can do it in hacking. So if you use the iPhone, then it is more likely that you can find out about your phone and thief.

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