Destroyer and Tu’Fani’ the cyclone, Will Continue at the speed of 200KM; Know everything about it

Destroyer and  Tu’Fani’  the cyclone, Will Continue at the speed of 200KM; Know everything about it

Thunderstorm ‘Fani’ is getting dangerous in the Bay of Bengal and it can pass through Odisha till Friday afternoon. Several steps have been taken by the government regarding the blast storm. The administration has canceled the holidays of government doctors and ordered the leave of schools. At the same time, Indian Navy, NDRF and Indian Coast Guard are ready to deal with the storm. The Meteorological Department has also issued Yellow Warning to the storm. After all, what is the blight of the storm and how it can harm India …

When will the storm?

It is said that this storm is about 550 kilometers away from Puri and it is likely to hit Odisha coast by Friday afternoon. Please tell that the Phanee was about 840 kilometers east-southeast of Chennai on April 29 at 11.30 hrs. After that the answer is towards the question mark and after that, Odisha is moving towards the northeast towards northeast.

What will be the effect?

Due to cyclonic storm, there may be rain in the state from May 2. In coastal districts of Odisha, winds can run at 40-50 kilometers per hour with rain from May 2. During the storm, the maximum speed of the storm can be up to 205 kmph at the speed of 175-185 kmph. Households, means of communication, electricity network, rail and road can also cause heavy losses.

What is the preparation?

All necessary measures have been taken to avoid the threats of the storm. Government has released high alert in the state of hurricane in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. At the same time, 103 trains passing through storm-affected areas have been canceled and the fishermen have appealed not to go to the sea. Apart from this, the government has also been asked to cancel tourists’ visit in the coming days. Indian Navy ships have been prepared for disaster relief at the affected places in emergency situations. These ships will include divers, doctors, airborne boats, food items, tents, clothes, medicines, etc.

How was the name of Fani came?

This name has been given by Bangladesh. Let us know that the name was determined by the first World Meteorological Organization, but in the year 2004, the trend of giving the name of the storm to India started. Although India alone does not name any storm India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman and Thailand, along with eight other countries name the storm. Now the names of the storms coming in these countries are named different countries.

These eight countries have fixed 64 names, out of which a storm name is fixed. Last time the name of ‘Butterfly’ storm was kept by Pakistan. It is said that India has given names like ‘Agni’, ‘Electricity’, ‘Megh’, ‘Sagar’ and ‘Akash’, whereas Pakistan has suggested names like ‘Nilohar’, ‘Bulbul’ and ‘Butterfly’. Now the name of the storm is named after these names and this time the order of Bangladesh was named Fani.

Meaning of Fani?

Fani is a Bengali word and this name is given by Bangladesh. The word phani is used as demolition or destroyer. By the way, it literally means ‘snake’s fun’. Many people even pronounce it as ‘phony’.

What is yellow warning?

Explain that this time the Meteorological Department has released Yellow Warning about this storm. In fact, the weather department issues warning of three colors green, red and yellow and it is determined on the basis of damage caused by the storm. Yellow Warning means only the Just Watch. This means that be aware of danger. Significantly, in the year 1891 to 2002, there were 98 storms in Odisha. However, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have the highest deaths.

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