Android users have a big threat from this app, everyone will be able to see your personal data

Android smartphones use many third party apps in the user handset. One of these file management apps is ES File Explorer. This app has been downloaded 500 million times so far. Through this app, users are able to manage the files, data and documents present in their smartphones.

French security researcher Robert Baptiste has claimed that ES File Explorer can be hacked. He has created his Twitter account named Elliot Alderson. They have told that ES File Explorer has a Hidden Web server. It runs in background. Anyone can hack it. It keeps the user’s information at risk of being stolen.

The most surprising thing is that if this app is open once and any person is connected to your network, then they will be able to remotely access the file from your phone. Robert Baptiste also shared a video that has a demo.

It has been shown that the errors of ES File Explorer can be availed through a common script. Through this Robert Baptiste has accessed the user’s number, images, videos, and other data including apps. In this demo, Robert Baptiste has been hacking the existing data on another smartphone.

If your phone is connected to a local network and your phone has this app then anyone can access your personal data. This situation becomes more serious when many people are connected via Wi-Fi only. This means that more than one person can access your data. If Robert Baptiste’s claim is true, then this matter is very serious.

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